Friday, January 24, 2014

2016/17/18 School Year

Is Grace coming to your area?   We are happy to "piggyback" at any time.

We are now booking for the 2017/2018 school year, please contact Aimee at for more info!

2016/2017 School Year

February 23, 2017 *Public Event*: Plainville, MA 02762, 2:00pm at An Unlikely Story 
February 27: Ipswich, MA
March 2: Wellesley, MA
March 6-12: Tuscon Festival of Books
March 18: Southwest Florida Reading Festival, Fort Myers, FL.
March 20-23: West Bloomfield, MI
March 28: Assumption College, Worcester, MA
April 1: Sacramento, CA
April 5: Slingerlands, NY
April 6: Warren, NJ
April 11: New York, NY
April 19&20: Cincinnati, OH
April 22: TXLA San Antonio, TX
April 25 & 26: Skillman, NJ
May 1: West Hartford, CT
May 6: Houston, TX
May 15: New York, NY
May 16: New York, NY
May 18: Washington, DC
May 22: Plainville, MA
May 25: Attleboro, MA
June 2: Cumberland, RI
June 9: Quincy, MA

2017/2018 School Year

September 23: Austin, TX
October 23: Lesley University, Providence, RI
October 28: Keene State College, Keene, NH
November 4: Bozeman, MT
November 16-19: NCTE St. Louis, MO
November 30: Bethesda, MD
January 8-12: Hong Kong
March 23-24: Athens, GA
April 23-24: Palos Heights, IL


  1. My kids and I live in Rockwall, TX. We greatly enjoyed your visit! Thank you.

  2. We would love to see you here in the Washington DC metro area!!!!

  3. I tried to contact Aimee re: scheduling but did not hear back. What is reasonable turnaround time? Does not hearing back mean a visit is not possible?

    1. Hello. I am so sorry. I am checking through old email and don't see anything. Can you resend? When did you send the email request?

  4. Where will Grace be in Cincinnati in April? Is it a private event?